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st: 1:1 Matched dataset

From   "Wagner, Joseph" <>
To   "STATAList (" <>
Subject   st: 1:1 Matched dataset
Date   Wed, 21 Apr 2004 14:28:27 -0400

How does one go about selecting observations from two datasets based on 1:1
matching of 3 variables?  I have tried -findit- match and found information
on merging datasets and matching during analysis but nothing that appeared
to address my needs exactly.

I have two datasets, heart.dta (100 obs) and cvd.dta (200 obs) and have been
asked to create a new dataset by matching (1:1) observations on age, race,
and menopausal status (pmp).

 age is continuous
 race is binary
 pmp is binary
Furthermore, the matching for age should be based on a difference of less
than five years.

Thank you
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