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st: simple (?) graph question

Subject   st: simple (?) graph question
Date   Fri, 16 Apr 2004 15:19:47 -0700


I have a simple graph question.  I paged through the Graphics manual and
looked at the pull down menu but can't figure out an answer.

I have a small data set of before and after lab values on 20 individuals.
I would like to do a dot graph with two values on the x-axis, "before" and
"after", and the lab value on the y axis.  I would like to connect the
before and after dots for each individual with a line, so I would have 20

The data are arranged:

Patient #         Value 1      Value 2
1         51   48
2         49   53
3         47   59
and so on...

Thanks, and have a good weekend,
Jim Seward

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