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st: double-bounded model

Subject   st: double-bounded model
Date   Thu, 15 Apr 2004 13:06:54 -0700

Have any of you estimated a double-bounded dichotomous
choice model using Stata? For those not familiar with the
concept it is a method used in contingent valuation to
estimate willingness to pay. The log likelihood of the
problem is similar to that of a regular probit model except
that here you have 4 possible values for the indicator
variable instead of two. 
It is actually quite similar to the bivariate probit model
but constrained to the case where b1=b2 , std1=std=2 and
rho=1. Because of the later constraint I can't use the
biprobit command to estimate since the likelihood function
is not valid at rho=1. 
Any help will be greatly appreciated

Alejandro Lopez-Feldman
Ph.D. Candidate
Agricultural and Resource Economics
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