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st: problem with bootstrap in Stata 8.2

From   "Fabio Soares" <>
Subject   st: problem with bootstrap in Stata 8.2
Date   Wed, 14 Apr 2004 15:48:48 +0000

Dear Statalisters,

Iīm running a difference-in-difference propensity score program using logit and attnd commands and I didnīt manage to get the bootstrapped s.e. using the bootstrap command. Does anyone spot any mistake in the following code:

capture program drop difatt
program define difatt, rclass

use favbar9100, clear
drop if bairrinho==1 | nurb==1

xi: logit fb dom91 agua91 esg91 lixo91 escm4_91 escm15_91 analf91 /*
*/ menor4_91 chmul91 up1sm_91 /*
*/ nmor91 mul91 chanalf91 amest_91 idade_91 ren_91 i.RA

predict pscore

attnd rren_00 fb, pscore(pscore)
scalar return difren00=r(attnd)

attnd rren_91 fb, pscore(pscore)
scalar return difren91=r(attnd)

scalar return difren=r(difren00) - r(difren91)


bootstrap "difatt" difren=r(difren), reps(100)

Best wishes,


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