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st: New version of -regaxis- on SSC

From   Roger Newson <>
Subject   st: New version of -regaxis- on SSC
Date   Wed, 14 Apr 2004 09:12:47 +0100

Hello All

Thanks to Kit Baum, there is now a new version of the -regaxis- package downloadable from SSC. In Stata, type

ssc desc regaxis

to find out more, or see below for the description of the package on my website.

The -regaxis- package is an attempt at a general solution to the problem of defining regular linear and logarithmic axis scales for Stata 8 graphs. The new version fixes a few bugs, and has been certified using a basic certification script for each of the 2 programs -regaxis- and -logaxis-. Suggestions for further improvements will be welcomed.

Best wishes


package regaxis from

regaxis: Regular linear and logarithmic axis scales, ranges and tick lists

The regaxis package contains 2 programs, named regaxis and logaxis.
regaxis generates a regular linear axis range and tick list for a list of
variables and/or numbers to be included in the axis range. logaxis generates
a regular logarithmic axis range and tick list for a list of variables and/or
numbers to be included in the axis range. Both programs can output the
elements of the axis range and/or tick list to be stored in local and/or
global macros, which can then be used in Stata graphics commands as axis
options and suboptions, such as the the range() suboption of the xscale() and
yscale() options, or the xlabel() ylabel(), xtick() and ytick() options.

Author: Roger Newson
Distribution-Date: 13april2004
Stata-Version: 8

INSTALLATION FILES (click here to install)
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Roger Newson
Lecturer in Medical Statistics
Department of Public Health Sciences
King's College London
5th Floor, Capital House
42 Weston Street
London SE1 3QD
United Kingdom

Tel: 020 7848 6648 International +44 20 7848 6648
Fax: 020 7848 6620 International +44 20 7848 6620
or 020 7848 6605 International +44 20 7848 6605

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