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Re: st: How to make prediction after a spline regression

From   Roger Newson <>
Subject   Re: st: How to make prediction after a spline regression
Date   Tue, 13 Apr 2004 12:16:54 +0100

At 11:34 09/04/04 -0700, Shige wrote:
Dear All,

I would like to follow my previous question about how to use spline.
Suppose I create a spline using "frencurv" and then estimate a logistic
regression like this:

. frencurv, xvar(school) refpts(0(4)16) gen(sch) power(1)
. xtlogit unemp sch* X, re i(id) noconstant

How to generated predicted probablity so that I can create a two-way plot
of "prob(unemp) by school", like the one in pp.7 in bspline user guide?
Thank you very much!
Figure 3 in the -bspline- user guide was created using -predict- as follows (under Stata 6):

* frencurv with extended reference points (default) and cubic spline *
frencurv,xvar(weight) refpts(1760(770)4840) gen(cs) power(3)
describe cs*
regress mpg cs*,noconst robust
lincom cs3-cs5
predict mpghat3
grap mpg mpghat3 weight,s(o.) c(.L) xlab(1760(770)4840) ylab(0(5)45) t1(" ") l1("Mileage (mpg)") saving(fig3.gph,replace)

Therefore, use -predict- after -xtlogit- to get predicted probabilities in the usual way.


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