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st: RE: Breslow baseline hazard estimator of Cox.

From   "Stephen P Jenkins" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Breslow baseline hazard estimator of Cox.
Date   Tue, 13 Apr 2004 09:35:48 +0100

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> Subject: st: Breslow baseline hazard estimator of Cox.
> Dear Stata Users:
> Does anyone know how to estimate the Breslow baseline hazard 
> estimators of 
> Cox model using Stata? Or SAS, R?

In Stata, you can estimate a Cox proportional hazard model for
continuous survival time data with -stcox- using any of 4 methods of
handling ties (breslow, efron, exactm, exactp). Using the appropriate
options, you can have -stcox- calculate the baseline cumulative hazard
function, the baseline survivor function, and the baseline hazard
contribution.  Note that the last of these refers to the hazard
/contribution/. You can't estimate a hazard function per se.  [Recall
that the continuous time hazard rate h(t) is equal to [-dS(t)/dt]/S(t)
for survivor function S(t), or the derivative of the cumulative hazard
function H(t). But the estimates of S(t) and H(t) are step functions of
observed survival times, and so slopes -- and hence hazards -- are not
well-defined.]  You can calculate a /smoothed/ hazard function, however.
See also -stcurve-.

For further details, have a look at Manual [ST], and Cleves et al. /An
Introduction to Survival Analysis using Stata/.

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