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st: return list and by

From   <>
Subject   st: return list and by
Date   Mon, 12 Apr 2004 15:21:37 -0600

Hello All --
Is there a way to save the mean in r() for each value of a 
variable?  More specifically, I want the mean for each 
different person contained within the variable 'name'.  My 
programming experience in Stata is quite limited so I'd 
appreciate any advice; the shrapnel from my attempt at coding 
is pasted below:

program mean_get 
	syntax [varlist] 
		foreach i of local varlist { 
			generate overall2 = 0
			by name, sort:  summarize `i', meanonly
			local 1 = r(mean)
			by name, sort:  replace overall2 = `1'

When I run this, it returns the mean from the last value in 
'name' and uses it to replace all values of 'overall2'.  Any 

Many thanks...
Clint Thompson

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