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RE: st: printing out data set

Subject   RE: st: printing out data set
Date   Mon, 12 Apr 2004 09:35:04 -0700

Perhap's its just the way my brain functions (or malfunctions), but with a
small, simple data set I like to be able to sit down with paper and pencil
and look at the matrix of the data.  If it won't fit on one piece of paper,
I like to physically cut and paste the excel printouts together to make an
actual spreadsheet.  It's also convenient to have such a print out to give
to an underling to spotcheck some of the values against the source
documents.  Finally, for the compulsively paranoid delusional among us,
it's reasurring to have a printed back up copy in case the computers revolt
and no longer obey our commands.

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I don't think so. But I don't understand
how putting it into Excel makes it any easier
to check.



> I don't think so.  In order to proofread a small data set,
> I'm essentially
> trying to print out a hard copy of what I see when I pull up the data
> editor.  Like I said, this can be exported to excel but I was
> wondering if there's a "one button" way of doing it.

Richard Williams

> There is the -list- command of course, which has numerous
> options; does that give you what you want?

Jim Seward

> > Is there a way of directly printing out the data set, with variable
> > headings, in Stata?  I've been using -outsheet- and putting
> > it in Excel.

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