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st: overlay symbols in graph legend?

From   chris wallace <>
To   statalist <>
Subject   st: overlay symbols in graph legend?
Date   06 Apr 2004 13:26:00 +0100

I am trying to create a black and white line graph of 9 variables.

There aren't really enough obviously distinct clpatterns for this, so
I've tried to be a bit inventive(!)  What I'd like to do, is use
-connected-, but with very few markers.  I'm not able to use connected
directly because I am plotting curves (output from another program) so
the markers overlap.

Instead I've generated a new "m" variable for each "line" variable I'm
plotting with values at only a few points, and used

twoway (line l1-l9 x) (scatter m1-m9 x)

This gives me the lines I want, but now I'd like to overlay the legends
too, so that the variable label for l1 is put beside a line with a
marker in the middle, as if I'd used -connected-.

To give an idea of what I want, here's the graph "so far":
(it's currently in colour to make things easier for me - I'm loooking at
several of these - but will eventually be black and white).

Many thanks for any suggestions, Chris.

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