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st: duplicated schemes

From   Roger Harbord <[email protected]>
To   Statalist <[email protected]>
Subject   st: duplicated schemes
Date   Tue, 30 Mar 2004 15:02:06 +0100

I just checked what schemes I have installed and got some odd results with many schemes apparently duplicated:

. graph query, schemes

Available schemes are

economist see help scheme_economist
s1color see help scheme_s1color
s1manual see help scheme_s1manual
s1mono see help scheme_s1mono
s1rcolor see help scheme_s1rcolor
s2color see help scheme_s2color
s2colorg see help scheme_s2colorg
s2colorlarge see help scheme_s2colorlarge
s2manual see help scheme_s2manual
s2mono see help scheme_s2mono
scheme-economistsee help scheme_scheme-economist
scheme-s1color see help scheme_scheme-s1color
scheme-s1manualsee help scheme_scheme-s1manual
scheme-s1mono see help scheme_scheme-s1mono
scheme-s1rcolorsee help scheme_scheme-s1rcolor
scheme-s2color see help scheme_scheme-s2color
scheme-s2manualsee help scheme_scheme-s2manual
scheme-s2mono see help scheme_scheme-s2mono
scheme-sj see help scheme_scheme-sj
sj see help scheme_sj
sunflowermono see help scheme_sunflowermono

. which economist.scheme
C:\Program Files\Stata8\ado\updates\e\economist.scheme
*! version 1.0.3 10dec2003

. which scheme-economist.scheme
C:\Program Files\Stata8\ado\updates\s\scheme-economist.scheme
*! version 1.1.0 21jan2004

So if I specify e.g. scheme(economist) do I get version 1.0.3 or version 1.1.0 ? Is there a difference between e.g. the "economist" scheme and the "scheme-economist" scheme??

Do other people get this too or has something gone wrong with my Stata updates ?


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