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I'd be careful of using some metric like 
"minutes since some time origin" as the values can 
easily get very big. A -float- would probably be 
inadequate, for example; you would need to consider
a -long- or -double-. 

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YESorNO wrote 

> I am dealing with a database of time series. It is a
> group of bidding data such as the companies bid for
> the project on random days. The time interval is not
> even. A special company would bid once a week, once a
> month and so on. In some special cases, the company
> would even bid four times in one day. I try to input
> my data into the stata and it  isn't accepted because
> the repetitive time. I notice the minimal time is day
> in "tsset". Is there any possible I can distinguish
> the data to hour or even minute? Thanks for
> considering my question.

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