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RE: st: Changing plot background color

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: Changing plot background color
Date   Wed, 24 Mar 2004 10:29:29 -0000

Not as such. But an equivalent is to save the command in a .do file 
via -cmdlog-. 

Or with a bit of practice, you just find yourself remembering 
the syntax you want. 

[email protected] 

Garry Anderson
> With such a large number of options, is it possible to save 
> these dialog 
> values as a
> template, so that at a later date the graphics template can 
> be opened and 
> the graph redrawn? My understanding is that once Stata has quit, the 
> settings in the graphics window are lost.

> >Here is an example of a command that I might use:
> >
> >*********************************************************
> >graph bar (asis) NCDSab BCSab NCDSinc BCSinc if sex==`sex',
> >by(level,
> >title("Figure 1" "Marginal Effect of Cognitive Ability and 
> Log Family"
> >"Income on Final Schooling Attainment")
> >subtitle("``sex'' from NCDS and BCS, Age 10-11")
> >note("Based on ordered probit estimates of the probability 
> of achieving a
> >given level of schooling. Marginal"
> >"effects are calculated controlling for family and socio-economic
> >characteristics"
> >"Source: Galindo-Rueda and Vignoles (2003).", span size(small) ))
> >subtitle(, pos(12) ring(1) prefix nobexpand nobox span size(small))
> >ytitle(Probability)
> >legend(cols(2) size(small) symxsize(2) symysize(3) span )
> >lintensity(500) blabel(bar, size(vsmall) format(%9.3f))
> >plotregion(fcolor(white)) graphregion(fcolor(white))

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