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st: Multiple Response Analisys

From   Americo <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Multiple Response Analisys
Date   Sat, 20 Mar 2004 16:19:35 -0300

Hi, colisters.

I have a problem on analizing a multiple response variable of a
Domiciliary Survey.

It consists in a variable with hundreds of possible responses, and
each one of them assumes an alfanumeric code. Now, I have the same
variables in numeric codes, if it helps for something.

The big problem is that there were some subjects that
answered more than one response up to the number of 6 responses for
the same variable.

So, now I have a database with 6 variables for the same question in 6
diferent colums (J02, J03, J04, J05, J06 and J07).

If there was just a few possible codes, I could make a few dummies for each
code and analize them separately, but as there are hundreds of
them, it is impossible to me to analize them as dummies variables for each
possible code.

When I try to get the frequencies of those codes I only know how to get
the frequencies of each colum, using the svy commands, but have no
idea on how to have all of them analized at the same time.

As I have each one of the codes listed on any of the 6 colums depending on the
order of response, I will lose data if I analise each columm separated.

In SPSS I know what I could do to avoid this problem. I would make a Multiple Response Set,
grouping all the colums in a set that would be analized at the same
time to calculate the frequencies. But I have no idea on how to do
the same thing with Stata.

If someone know how to group sets of variables to be
analized together, please help me.

Thanks on advance,

Americo F. Pelicioni
Epidemiology Professor
São Paulo - Brazil

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