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st: RE: Re: New Version of Stata?

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: Re: New Version of Stata?
Date   Wed, 17 Mar 2004 11:04:02 -0000

First off, the latest release of Stata is 8.2. 
-update- your Stata to match. 

Second, you can be assured that StataCorp is 
working on a new release of Stata -- indeed we 
already have some of it in our hands, in so far as many 
features have been added since 8.0 -- and that the 
release date will be announced to Statalist -- 
probably before any other public announcement -- 
but also probably about one week before the 
official release date. 

StataCorp do not, as a matter of course, make 
public statements about long-term plans. One 
good reason for that is that intended dates 
have a habit of slipping, sometimes in a very 
embarrassing way. Another good reason is prudence, 
with regard to both customers and competitors. 
StataCorp remains a business, after all, and 
development rides on the back of smooth and sustained 
sales in a crowded market. 

The most insight into how Stata is developing 
can be obtained by attending users' group meetings, 
for example those to be held in 2004 in Berlin, 
London, Boston and Adelaide.  

The other standard comment on this is to 
use the data on past behaviour, like a good 
statistician. Stata was first released 
in 1985 and so averages about 2.5 years between 
major releases (marked by integers). At the same time, 
knowing an average is, as we all know, insufficient 
for accurate prediction, especially as we are not looking 
at a stationary process here. 

[email protected] 

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> [mailto:[email protected]]On Behalf Of Dev Vencappa
> Sent: 17 March 2004 10:43
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> Subject: st: Re: New Version of Stata?
> Hello Statalist,
>  I am wondering if anyone of you could tell me whether 
> Statacorp is working on a new release of Stata (beyond 8.0) 
> please? If yes, then could you please tell me an approximate 
> date for the release if you know it?
> Many thanks
> Dev
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