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st: xtnbreg question

From   "Jennifer S. Earl" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: xtnbreg question
Date   Fri, 12 Mar 2004 16:44:18 -0800

I have time series data on a set of variables for one nation for a period of about 40 years. My dependent variable is a count variable. After looking over the Stata manuals for xtnbreg, I am not sure how to accommodate the fact that while I have time series data, these data are not composed of cross-sections with multiple units in each cross section (e.g. I do not have data for multiple nations in each year, just data on one nation for multiple years).

The manuals seems to suggest that Stata wants to handle data where i=panel identifier (e.g., an id number for a person who contributes data for multiple years, or a country id when multiple countries are present in the time series) and t=time identifier (e.g., year) in xtnbreg. Further xtnbreg *requires* that "i" is set either in the xtnbreg command or using "iis (varname)", even though it does not require "t" to be set.

I have two questions: (1) should I be using a command other than xtnbreg to analyze this time-series count data; and (2) if xtnbreg is appropriate, will using the following settings:

iis year
tis year
xtnbreg dep_count_var ind_var1 ind_var2...

produce appropriate results?

Thanks in advance,


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