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st: Fixed effect logit

From   "Ngo,PT (pgr)" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: Fixed effect logit
Date   Thu, 11 Mar 2004 22:30:11 -0000

Dear Stata-lister,

I fear this may be a really basic question. I am but I am quite puzzled and I do not see what I should do.

I am running xtlogit and get the following error message :

note: multiple positive outcomes within groups encountered.
note: 2642 groups (5284 obs) dropped due to all positive or
      all negative outcomes.

Could someone help me and indicate to me what it is I am doing wrong ?

fpov is a 1/0 variable indicating whether a household in poor or not. I have a panel of data for two years. So it is possible that in both year a household is either poor or non poor.

I run the following commands.

iis househol 
tis year
xtlogit fpov riyielA anutot anugood perenn hhsize hhsizesq riceprice irrignew8 roadnew8 disast4 disast8, fe nolog

that is fpov is regressed on a set of variables that changes between the two years.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help,

Thi Minh

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