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Re: st: -test- following regress

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Subject   Re: st: -test- following regress
Date   Mon, 8 Mar 2004 21:37:09 +0100

You cannot use -regress- for this, since you have two different dependent
variables. You must use -sureg- instead.

Christer Thrane
Lillehammer University College

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Hello Stata-listers ---
I have a question on how to test equality of coefficients
following the execution of two simple linear models.  My code
 regress alcon power
 regress sover power
 test [#1]power = [#2]power
Following the test command, the error "equation [#2] not found"
is returned.
I've read the relevant Stata help documentation and searched
the Stata listserve archive with little success.
Any suggestions?
Many Thanks in advance!!
Clint Thompson
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