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st: how to list variables vertically

To   <>
Subject   st: how to list variables vertically
Date   Mon, 8 Mar 2004 15:12:34 +0100

Hi all,

this might be a very simple question, but I have not found a solution

Is it possible to create a list or table with the variables appearing
vertically and the observations horizontally?

The output should look like 

      Observ1 Observ2 Observ3
Var1   xx1     xx2     xx3      
Var2   yy1     yy2     yy3                  
Var3   zz1     zz2     zz3

This type of presenting the data would be very useful to compare two
observations. Of course one can do it by copying the data to Excel and
transpose the data, but this gets very inconvenient if the number of
variables is larger than the number of columns in Excel (one has to
paste it first horizontally before one can transpose it).

Thanks a lot,

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