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-tabstat- can only tabulate statistics from the menu 
provided. For the kind of data you have it may be 
that a log transformation is appropriate and that 
in practice the geometric mean will be close to the median. 

Alternatively, with your own measures you might be 
best off writing -egen- functions and then using -tabdisp-
for tabulation. 

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Andreas Aschbacher
> I use :
> tabstat dosis_corr,stats(mean range sd var sk k iqr)
> /dosis_corr is dosis-value in radioactive measurement /
> I suppose that sd is appropriate to arithmetic-mean
> and var too - accordant sd = sqrt((1/(n-1))*sum[(xi - x_arithm.)^2]),
> sum starts at 1 and goes to n/ x_arithmetic .... arithmetic-average .
> my question:
> how do I get:  tabstat dosis_corr,stats(median range sd var sk k iqr)
> where sd is a function of median and var too /   sd(median)  
> var(median) //

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