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RE: st: Re: Graph problem

From   Donald Spady <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   RE: st: Re: Graph problem
Date   Tue, 02 Mar 2004 14:30:41 -0700

I tried it and got 4 boxes with a grey header each time and the topic of the box in the header. Just as it is shown in the text of the graphics manual. I took out all the extraneous material to get the basic command. Here it is:

twoway (connected ratef age) (connected ratem age), by(Disorder , style(compact) noxrescale yrescale subtitle(, pos(11) nobexpand bfcolor(white) nobox) legend(off)) ymlabel(, nolabels) xmlabel(, nolabels)

What am I doing wrong.


At 02:06 PM 3/2/2004, you wrote:

It's not true that this demands a command line input.

Substituting other variables for -lexp- and -gnppc-,
which is immaterial, I was able to do this via a dialog.

What took an iteration for me to get right was to put

, pos(11)  nobexpand  bfcolor(white) nobox

in the -subtitle- box (to leave -position-
at default).

You do need the manual to hand, or a previous solution
to hand, or extremely good recall of -graph- syntax,
to do this in practice, but that's a different matter.

I too am grateful for this thread as I was insufficiently
aware of the possibilities opened up by -style(compact)-.
In the next edition of the manual, perhaps examples should
be placed nearer the point this is defined.

[email protected]

Donald Spady

> Philip and Scott
>    Many thanks for your responses.  Philip's idea worked but
> I could not
> get Scott's to work.  The problem with both of them is that
> they demand a
> command line input as opposed to entering them using the
> menu.  That is not
> a big problem except that I have to remember the command each
> time I use
> it, so I have written a little note to myself.  I must admit
> I didn't find
> the manual too helpful for this so Philip's and Scott's
> contributions are really appreciated.
> >My messages to the Stata List are not being echoed back to
> my machine so
> >I'm not sure if there is something wrong at the List end or at my
> >end.  Anyway, in case it's a list problem, and others
> haven't already
> >provided a better solution, here is my go at trying to solve
> your problem:
> >
> >scatter lexp gnppc, by(region, total style(compact)) subtitle(,
> >pos(11)  nobexpand  bfcolor(white) nobox)
> >
> >The trick is in using the -subtitle()- option of the main
> (-scatter-)
> >command.  I am sure other specifications of
> "text_box_options" than the
> >ones I used (bfcolor and nobox) are possible, but at least
> you can play
> >with these: see page 500 and 502 which alerts us to the fact
> that we can
> >use textbox options as suboptions for -title- or -subtitle-
> and then page 483.

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