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st: problems with ado files poverty and povdeco

From   "Ngo,PT (pgr)" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: problems with ado files poverty and povdeco
Date   Mon, 1 Mar 2004 19:57:45 -0000

Dear Stata listers,

I am facing a few problems when using the ado files poverty or povdeco. 
When I type return list, I obtain only a partial list, and when I try to retrieve the result by typing
gen x=S_6 for example to store the headcount, an error message is returned 
_s_6 not found

Could someone indicate to me what is it I am doing wrong? Basically, I only want to retrieve the poverty indexes in new variables using poverty. Similarly for povdeco.

The output I obtain is below.

Thanks in advance,

Thi Minh

. poverty realpcex if urban92==0 & sector==1, line(1160.363) h pgr fgt3

Poverty measures of realpcex

 Your selection is made of 8823 observations.
 The following poverty analysis has been using the 8823 non-missing
 observations for realpcex in your selection.


 The poverty line is set at 1160.363 units


Headcount ratio %                         65.533
Poverty gap ratio %                       20.525
Index FGT(2.0) *100                        8.624


                 r(N) =  8823
             r(sum_w) =  8823
              r(mean) =  .0862404009015952
               r(Var) =  .0153404465964476
                r(sd) =  .1238565565339502
               r(min) =  0
               r(max) =  .8265184164047241
               r(sum) =  760.8990571547748

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