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st: RE: Question with file write

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: Question with file write
Date   Mon, 1 Mar 2004 18:38:21 -0000

I may be missing details here, but I doubt 
you need -file-. 

It's not clear if these genotypes are 
held as strings or as numbers with value labels. 

Let's skirt round that. 

If the genotypes are the same then -gene2- to -gene4- 
are all equal to -gene1-, but not otherwise. 


gen different = 0 
forval j = 2/4 { 
	replace different = different + (gene`j' == gene1) 
outfile study_id gene? if different 

[email protected] 

Richard Aplenc
> I am working with a dataset that has 4 genotypes (gene1, 
> gene2, gene3, 
> gene4) and each genotype may have discordant values for a particular 
> study subject. i.e.
> study_id	gene1	gene2	gene3	gene4
> a-1		ww	ww	ww	vv
> a-1		vv	ww	ww	vv
> b-1		ww	vv	ww	vv
> c-1		ww	ww	vv	vv
> c-1		ww	ww	vv	vv
> The statalist (ie Nick) had previously helped me identify 
> genotypes that 
> are discordant for one gene for one individual.  Now I would like to 
> write only those discordant genotypes out to a .txt file so 
> that I can 
> take it back to the lab.  i.e.
> study_id	gene	genotype
> a-1		gene1	ww
> a-1		gene1	vv
> I can do this using a temporary file (see below), but I suspect that 
> using a temporary file is not the most appropriate/elegent way to do 
> this.  I'd be most appreciate of anyone's education efforts on my 
> behalf.  If you go to AACR or ASH, I'll buy you a beer/coffee 
> there. :)
> Thanks in advance.
> local genotypes "gene1 gene2 gene3 gene4"
> file open discordant using discordant.txt, write replace
> file write discordant
> foreach gene of local genotypes {
>   preserve
>   tempfile data
>   save "`data'"
>   keep if disc_`gene' == 1
>   file write discordant "Study ID" _tab "Gene" _tab "Genotype" _n
>   local N = _N
>   sort study_id `gene'
>      forvalues i = 1/`N' {
>      file write discordant (study_id[`i'])  _tab "`gene'" _tab
> (`gene'[`i']) _n
>    }
>   restore
> }
> file close discordant

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