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Re: st: Problems with estimates table

From   [email protected]
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Problems with estimates table
Date   Tue, 24 Feb 2004 13:05:27 -0600

Ian Watson <[email protected]> reports:

> I have come across two problems with -estimates table- and would
> appreciate any advice.
> The first one involves the varwidth and label options. Varwidth
> works fine as far as widening the first column goes, but the
> variable labels (produced by labels) are truncated. For example,
> setting varwidth to 50 works fine, but the labels are truncated at
> 32 characters. I have had a look through the code to see what
> might be causing this, but have not been able to find anything.

I have found the problem in the code and the fix will be applied
in the next ado-file update.

For those curious, the -abbrev()- function is designed so that
any request for abbreviating to more than 32 chars is treated
like a request to abbreviate to 32 chars.  This is because the
main purpose of -abbrev()- is for working on variable names
(which have a max of 32 chars).  -estimates table- was using
-abbrev()-.  I have changed -estimates table- so that if more
than 32 chars are requested in the varwidth() option, then the
-substr()- function is used instead of -abbrev()-.

> The second problem concerns cutting and pasting the table. The copy
> table option does not seem to place tab characters into the pasted
> table text. it has always worked perfectly fine with other table
> output (eg. tabulate, tabstat) but it does not work with -estimates
> table-. I cannot think of a reason for this, but would appreciate any
> insights.

Someone else will be looking into this second problem.

Ken Higbee    [email protected]
StataCorp     1-800-STATAPC

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