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RE: st: formatting lines in sts graphs

From   [email protected] (Derek Wagner, StataCorp)
To   [email protected]
Subject   RE: st: formatting lines in sts graphs
Date   Thu, 19 Feb 2004 10:09:52 -0600

Jarrod Franklin wrote:

> I am unsure as to how to format the lines in my KM survival 
> estimate graphs (using sts graph). I am trying to compare two 
> separate populations and one line is solid black, the other is 
> solid dark red. This is fine until I want to print these graphs out 
> on paper in black and white.

> What I really want is to be able to display the second population's
> survival curve using a dotted line.

The help file for -sts graph- shows that the graph will take -cline_
options-.  In particular, the option you're looking for is the 
-clpattern- option.  For example, please try the following:

. sysuse cancer

. sts graph, by(dose) clpattern(dash solid dot)

Since you only have two lines in your graph, your option should 
include -clpattern(solid dash)-.

A complete list of cline_options can be found in [G] -connect_

Derek Wagner
<[email protected]>

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