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re: st: Why does -anova- calculate repeated effects (F) twice?

From   David Airey <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   re: st: Why does -anova- calculate repeated effects (F) twice?
Date   Fri, 13 Feb 2004 21:12:27 -0600

Thank you very much!


> Some time in the future I would like to alter -anova- to return
> information (mean squares etc.) for each term in the -anova-.
> After I do this the table presented for the repeated measures
> corrections will not need to recompute the F stat, and will be
> presented very quickly. Also, replay of an -anova- would then be
> almost instantaneous.

I have now implemented what I mention above. You will see
noticably faster execution time for the printing out of the
repeated measures part of the ANOVA output (also on any -anova-
replay). You will also be able to obtain the S.S., d.f., and F
for each term in the model.

This improvement will be in the next executable update. I am not
sure when this next executable will go out (probably not for
another month or so), but I thought I would let you know that
statalist input does make a difference on what the developers
here at StataCorp do.

Ken Higbee [email protected]
StataCorp 1-800-STATAPC

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