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RE: st: Transformations

From   "Jason Payne" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: Transformations
Date   Thu, 12 Feb 2004 09:55:49 +1100

Thank you for your help,

Is there a way to list multiple cases that dont fit a standard expression in the replace command. for example:

replace var1=1 if var2==1 or 3

I want cases 1 and 3 to have value 1 for var1, but not case 2 and rather than writing the whole syntax twice, i would like to shorten it: 

replace var1=1 if caseid==1
replace var1=1 if caseid==3

Any clues?


Jason Payne
Jason Payne
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From: Richard Williams [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, 11 February 2004 12:53 PM
To: [email protected]; [email protected]
Subject: Re: st: Transformations

At 11:43 AM 2/11/2004 +1100, Jason Payne wrote:
>Dear STATAlistservers
>I am trying to transform data in variables.  What is the equivalent STATA>
 syntax for this SPSS command
>if (var1=2) var2=1.

Stata does things kind of backwards from SPSS:

gen var2 = 1 if var1==2

Note the ==

If var2 already exists, instead say

replace var2 = 1 if var1==2

But, what do you want when var1 does not equal 2?  Missing?  A 0-1 
dichotomy? There may be some other ways to approach this, depending on whaty
 our ultimate goal is.

>This syntax only works if you want to create a new variable, however in 
>some cases I might with to modify an existing variable for one case 
>only.  This is particularly useful in cleaning string variables where 
>there are spelling mistakes.  In SPSS I would just type:
>if (caseid=1) stringvar='SPSS'.
>if (caseid=2) stringvar='STATA'.

replace stringvar="SPSS" in 1
replace stringvar="STATA" in 2

I'm assuming these are the first and second cases in your data.  If not 
necessarily so, and caseid is a variable in your data set, then try

replace stringvar="SPSS" if caseid==1
replace stringvar="STATA" if caseid==2

Or, just go in to the data editor and do it!  Lot easier sometimes really.

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