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st: New -sencode-..packages on SSC - response

From   [email protected]
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: New -sencode-..packages on SSC - response
Date   Wed, 11 Feb 2004 12:33:36 -0500

I wish to thank you for the many fine ado programs that you have contributed to the Stata community over the years. The sencode and sdecode programs that you have just had posted can be quite helpful to me, and I'm certain to many others as well. Again, thanks for the good work. Actually, I should be thanking all of those who, without financial gain or incentives, regularly contribute material like this to the List: Nick Cox, Stephen Jenkins, Scott Long, Patrick Royston, Jeroen Weesie, Mario Cleves, and the many many others - and to Chris Baum for his work posting to the SSC site. You collectively have made statistical work easier for the rest of us.  We truly do appreciate your efforts. 

Joe Hilbe

> Fellow Statalisters
> Thanks to Kit Baum, there is now a new version of the -sencode- package, 
> and a new package -sdecode-, available for download on SSC. In Stata, type 
> -ssc desc sencode- or -ssc desc sdecode- to find out more.
> -sencode- and -sdecode- are "super" versions of -encode- and -decode-, 
> respectively, and are described as below on my website. Both packages now 
> offer the user the choice of a -replace- option (which causes the output 
> variable to replace the input variable) or a -generate()- option (which 
> causes the output variable to be generated as a new variable). These 
> options are similar to the options of the same name in the official Stata 8 
> packages -destring- and -tostring-, which also convert 
> string variables to 
> numeric and vice versa, respectively.
> Best wishes
> Roger
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