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st: Re: Nonparametric two way ANOVA

From   Roger Newson <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Re: Nonparametric two way ANOVA
Date   Thu, 05 Feb 2004 16:56:46 +0000

At 11:28 05/02/04 -0500, Joseph Wagner wrote:

I want to do what I know is a pretty simple calculation but I am constrained
by my dependent variable which is non-normal.

I wish to see if there are differences in viral load stratified by age
category and by race.  Viral load is not normal and in my case, I cannot
transform this variable to approximate normal.

I know I could do kruskal wallis or trend tests by race and by age category
individually but I need to do both.

If viral load were normal, I could do:

anova vload agecat race

The Friedman test is the only thing that comes to mind but I don't think
this is what I want.
In my experience, viral loads are lognormally distributed. I would therefore log-transform the viral loads and use linear regression methods on the logs to estimate geometric means and their ratios, using the -eform()- option of -regress-. For instance:

gene logvload=log(vload)
gene byte baseline=1
xi:regress vload i.agecat i.race baseline, noconst robust eform(GM/Ratio)

The parameter -baseline- will then be a baseline geometric mean viral load, representing geometric mean viral load for individuals with the reference age category and race category. The other parameters will be ratios of geometric mean viral load in other race and age categories, compared to the baseline category. The effect of race and age are assumed to be multiplicative.

We need to generate the variable -baseline- and use the -noconst- option of -regress-, because, if we use the -sform- option without the -noconst- option, then Stata does not print the intercept, which in this case is the baseline geometric mean. Using the variable -baseline- with the -noconst- option, we can fool Stata into thinking there is no intercept for it to hide.

I hope this helps.


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