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Re: st: problem with -estimates table- command

From   [email protected] (Roberto G. Gutierrez, StataCorp)
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: problem with -estimates table- command
Date   Wed, 04 Feb 2004 11:36:43 -0600

Alexander Tsai <[email protected]> asks:

> I ran into a problem with -estimates table- that I have been puzzling over.
> After searching the Statalist archives and doing an -update all- to ensure
> that I have the latest version (of Stata 8), I thought I'd see if anyone
> else encountered the same error:

> Here is my set of commands:

> quietly xi: nbreg depvar `rhsvars' yr93 yr94 yr95 yr96 yr97 reg1,
> cluster(id) robust
> estimates store est1, title(estimates1)
> estimates table est1 est2 est3 est4, stats(N) b(%8.3f) p(%8.2f) stfmt(%8.2f)
> keep(yr93 yr94 yr95 yr96 yr97 reg1 reg2 reg3)

> But after the -estimates table- command, I get the following error message:

>  	yr93 not found
> 	r(111);

There are three possibilities here.

1.  The -yr93- variable was dropped from all the models upon estimation, 
    in which case the above is the expected behavior since variable -yr93-, 
    which is being explicitly "kept" doesn't exist in any of the models.

2.  The -yr93- variable was dropped from some, but not all, of the models, in
    which case Alexander is encountering a known bug in the -estimates-
    command.  -estimates table- should display an empty cell for -yr93- for
    those models where -yr93- was dropped and display information for models
    where -yr93- was not dropped.  Instead, -estimates table- erroneously

    A fix for this bug will be made in a future ado update.

3.  -yr93- was not dropped from any of the models, in which case Alexander
    has possibly found a new bug.  Alexander can email me with his data and 
    log file and I will look into it further.

[email protected]
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