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st: Cutpoints and Data

From   tpolcyn <>
Subject   st: Cutpoints and Data
Date   Sun, 30 Nov 2003 13:28:10 -0400

After many unfruitful hours perusing STATA manuals and the Archives, I thought 
it might be best to query the knowledgeable group on the listserve.

One of my independent variables for my panel dataset ranges from a scale of 1 
to 7.  My professor therefore suggested that I investigate ologit and oprobit 
models for my regressions.  Unfortunately, my dependent variables are 
uncooperative in this respect because they all have a range of more than 50 

I have looked at a kdensity of my dependent variables and used the tabulate 
command for assistance in determining where to impose cut points.  I am aware 
of "hordered" which performs a Hausman-type specification test whether 
categories in a ologit or oprobit model can be joined or dropped. To this end 
it estimates another ologit/oprobit model with a collaped response.

My question though is how do I go about grouping my data? How do I divide my 
data into for example three ordered groups? I think I am missing some basic 
STATA manipulation....

Many thanks,
Tania Polcyn

Master's of Development Economics
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Canada

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