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st: RE: oneway, loneway, anova and string variables

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: oneway, loneway, anova and string variables
Date   Thu, 27 Nov 2003 01:18:30 -0000

This is a question for StataCorp, but 
I shouldn't think anyone's around, 
given Thanksgiving, to ponder this, 
even modulo the positions of the 
sun and Texas. 

But I'd guess that what you're asking 
is in practice two things of very 
different difficulty. 

-anova- is old C code with all sorts
of stuff to do all sorts of idiosyncratic
things, e.g. create interactions on the fly. 
There's going to be reluctance to disturb 
the code given other possible solutions
to the problem tacit here. 

-loneway- is ado code and the job looks 
easier, in terms of writing something to trap 
a string variable and -encode- it temporarily. 

But both are much more work compared 
with the one-line solution of an prior
-encode- of your string variable. 
Admittedly, you could be being 
bitten by this repeatedly. 


Garry Anderson
> -oneway- allows a string variable as the factor variable.
> Both -loneway- and -anova- do not allow a string variable.
> Would it be possible please for an update to allow string 
> variables with 
> loneway and anova?

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