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st: RE: Multiple labels?

Subject   st: RE: Multiple labels?
Date   Wed, 26 Nov 2003 01:00:49 +0100 (MEZ)

Dear Nick,
Thanks for your reply. I'll try to make things clear here. Variable -id- is 
the household identifier indicating for instance village 101 and household 
1002. Actually I have grouped the last two information so that here 
-101 1002- is a label while the underlying numerical value is 1.
-idmig- is household's members registration order and allows me to identify 
the member who migrated and in the first household 3 then means the third 
Then I generated -summmig-  as indicated in the do-file below using 
information in variable -mmig- (type of inkind item remitted: shoes, etc.) 
and qmmig (quantity of that item).
hf indicates migrant that are not member of the household.
For my first question (former email), I want -summmig- to be in the same row 
as migrant with -idmig==3-, because it is currently wrongly affected to the 
first person in the household.
Hope this is now clear and would really appreciate any suggestion.
version 8.2

use migrant, clear
ds mmig*
local nature "`r(varlist)'"

ds hfmmig*
local hfnature "`r(varlist)'"

ds qmmig*  
local qnature "`r(varlist)'"

ds qhfmmig*
local qhfnature "`r(varlist)'"

keep vfolio mfolio `nature' `hfnature' `qnature' `qhfnature' 

capture destring, replace
sort vfolio mfolio
save inkind, replace

sort vfolio mfolio  /*village and household identifier*/

renvars `nature' `hfnature' `qnature' `qhfnature', postdrop(3)  

reshape long mmig@a mmig@b mmig@c mmig@d mmig@e mmig@f hfmmig@a hfmmig@b 
hfmmig@c hfmmig@d hfmmig@e hfmmig@f qmmig@a qmmig@b qmmig@c qmmig@d qmmig@e 
qmmig@f qhfmmig@a qhfmmig@b qhfmmig@c qhfmmig@d qhfmmig@e qhfmmig@f, i
(vfolio mfolio) j(inkindmove)

*browse if vfolio==101&mfolio==1002|vfolio==102&mfolio==1004

capture lab var inkindmove "person who migrates"

lab def nature 0 "nothing" 1 "shoes" 2 "rice" 3 "" 4 "" 5 "" 6 "" 7 "" 8 "" 
9 ""
foreach case in mmiga mmigb mmigc mmigd mmige mmigf hfmmiga hfmmigb hfmmigc 
hfmmigd hfmmige {
lab val `case' nature
foreach quant in qmmiga qmmigb qmmigc qmmigd qmmige qhfmmiga qhfmmigb 
qhfmmigc qhfmmigd qhfmmige {
tostring `quant', replace
*by vfolio mfolio `var'move:
egen summmiga = concat(mmiga qmmiga), p(" ") 
egen summmigb = concat(mmigb qmmigb), p(" ") 

egen summmigc = concat(mmigc qmmigc), p(" ") 
egen summmigd = concat(mmigd qmmigd), p(" ") 

egen summmige = concat(mmige qmmige), p(" ") 
egen summmigf = concat(mmigf qmmigf), p(" ") 

egen summmig = concat(summmiga summmigb summmigc summmigd summmige), p(" ") 
egen sumhfmmiga = concat(hfmmiga qhfmmiga), p(" ") 
egen sumhfmmigb = concat(hfmmigb qhfmmigb), p(" ") 

egen sumhfmmigc = concat(hfmmigc qhfmmigc), p(" ") 
egen sumhfmmigd = concat(hfmmigd qhfmmigd), p(" ") 

egen sumhfmmige = concat(hfmmige qhfmmige), p(" ") 
*egen sumhfmmigf = concat(hfmmigf qhfmmigf), p(" ")
egen sumhfmmig= concat(sumhfmmiga sumhfmmigb sumhfmmigc sumhfmmigd 
sumhfmmige), p(" ")

browse if vfolio==101&mfolio==1002|vfolio==102&mfolio==1004
dropmiss  mmigf 
replace sumhfmmig = trim(sumhfmmig)
replace summmig = trim(summmig)
replace summmig = subinstr(summmig, ".", " ",.)
replace sumhfmmig = subinstr(sumhfmmig, ".", " ",.)

browse if vfolio==101&mfolio==1002|vfolio==102&mfolio==1004

save inkind, replace
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