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st: St: problems with gridlines in Stata 8.2 graphs

From   Matthew Sydes <>
Subject   st: St: problems with gridlines in Stata 8.2 graphs
Date   Mon, 24 Nov 2003 15:31:03 -0000

Good morning all,

I have a problem which I haven't been able to resolve through other methods:
on-line help, FAQs, archives, discussion with colleagues.  I hope that
someone will be able to help.  I am using Stata 8.2 (born on 30 Oct 2003) on
a networked PC.

I have produced a series of line graphs which include vertical gridlines in
order to highlight some regular occurring factors using the -xtick, grid-
option. (I have copied my syntax below - the grid is mentioned on the 8th

I find that the gridlines are being drawn on top of the graph lines instead
of behind them.  I wish to drawn the graph lines as steps, but if I do this,
I appear to lose much of the graph behind the gridlines.  Elsehow, the graph
is produced how I would wish.

I'd be grateful if anyone knows already how to cope with this (if so, I
apologise that I have not been able to find the information elsewhere), or
whether the problem is being fixed for dissemination in the near future.

With kind regards,


	#delimit ;
		(line imm fuwks, c(J) yaxis(1))
		(line def fuwks, c(J) yaxis(1))
		(line unrand fuwks, c(J) yaxis(1))
		(line ppn fuwks, c(J) yaxis(2))
		xtitle(,size(medsmall)) xlab(0(26)156, labsize(small))
xtick(0(13)156, grid)
		title("Patients with follow-up in a given week",
		ytitle("N pts with `vname' in week X", axis(1)
size(medsmall)) ylab(,angle(0) labsize(small))
		ytitle("Ppn pts with `vname' in week X", axis(2)
size(medsmall)) ylab(0(0.08)0.24,angle(0) labsize(small) axis(2))
		legend(rowgap(2) colgap(-2) keygap(-2) margin(3 3 0 0)
size(small) row(2))
	#delimit cr


Matthew Sydes
Medical Statistician

Tel:    020 7670 4700 (Switchboard)
          020 7670 4798 (Direct)

Post: Cancer Division
          MRC Clinical Trials Unit
          222 Euston Rd
          NW1 2DA

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