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st: RE: overlaying 2 or more ciplot/option nolconfidence?

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: overlaying 2 or more ciplot/option nolconfidence?
Date   Sun, 23 Nov 2003 17:00:28 -0000

I take this as a reference to the user-written 
program -ciplot- on SSC. 

I am not quite clear what the precise problem 
is here. 

-ciplot- is best thought of as a wrapper 
for -ci-. It has a -by()- option, just
as -ci- does, and the design decision 
was to allow several confidence intervals 
to be shown in one plot. 

That _isn't_ how -twoway ... , by()- 
works; in other words, -ciplot- follows
-ci-, not -twoway-, in what -by()- means. 

-ciplot- has a -plot()- option, which is 
more evident from looking at the code
than from looking at the help, but 
I don't think that helps with what 
I guess you want. 

Perhaps what you want can be 
done by saving individual graphs 
and then combining. 

As the whole point of -ciplot- is to draw 
confidence intervals, I am somewhat bemused
by the option suggested. If you want 
just to plot means, there are lots of ways
to do that. 



> the new command ciplot is great. But I could not  overlay  ciplots 
> by(categoricalvariable). Is there  a way to do it, in Stata 8.2?
> If possible, it would be interesting to have an option to 
> avoid  the confidence intervals.

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