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Re: st: Synchronizing two configurations of stata

From   Ernest Berkhout <>
Subject   Re: st: Synchronizing two configurations of stata
Date   Fri, 21 Nov 2003 16:53:12 +0100

At 16:32 21-11-2003, Richard Williams wrote:
Suppose you work on stata 8.2 on 2 different WinXP machines. Suppose, on one machine, you install various additional routines. Rather than repeat the install process on the 2nd machine, can you just do something like copy c:\ado from one machine onto the other? Or when you are installing, are there all sorts of changes to the registry that won't get made if you do things this way?

As noted on another of my threads, I'm having trouble with one of my machines not being able to access the Internet for unknown reasons. But even if it could, it might be nice not to have to install everything twice.

In the old dos days, you might have done something like copying c:\stata8, c:\ado, and c:\data from one machine to another and all would have worked well. But, with the Windows registry, that usually doesn't seem to work anymore. Or perhaps it would, provided I install Stata8 on both machines first? Again the question, I guess, is what is happening to the registry as you install routines -- do changes get made or does Stata have some other way of knowing what is installed, or what? Thanks. RW
My experience so far is that Stata tries to ignore the Windows registry as much as possible, which is clearly a feature. Stata searches your personal directories (type -sysdir- to see how these directories are named on your system) at startup, to see if it can find any ado/hlp/scheme-files. If you've installed Stata already then copying your user directories will work fine, I guess.

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