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st: Stata 8 won't connect to Internet

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   st: Stata 8 won't connect to Internet
Date   Fri, 21 Nov 2003 00:05:18 -0500

I have just installed Stata 8. I can't get it to connect to the Internet, e.g. update commands won't work, I just get timeouts. I know this problem has come up before but the solutions suggested before are not working for me. I'll note that

* I do not use a proxy server
* Stata 7 is still installed and it connects to the Internet fine. I checked, and version 7 has the same internet prefs as v. 8, i.e. neither uses proxy servers
* I downloaded and manually installed the latest executable (8.2) and ado files. Still no go
* OS is windows XP
* Another machine on the same network has Stata 8 and it has no problems getting Stata to access the internet
* I uninstalled and reinstalled Stata 8. Still no go.

This is quite puzzling. I'm guessing it reflects some sort of difference in the configurations of the machines, but I have no idea what to zero in on. Thanks for any ideas. RW

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