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st: zero t-raios for marginal effects from mlogit

From   fatma bircan <>
Subject   st: zero t-raios for marginal effects from mlogit
Date   Wed, 19 Nov 2003 16:26:08 +0200

Fatma Bircan
Middle East Technical University
Department of Economics


I am doing multinomial logit estimates for the sector of choise using
mothly data for Turkey. My multinomial logit estimates are sensible,
the coefficients are of expected signs and mostly statistically
significant. However, when I try to get the results for the marginal
effects for each outcoume using "mfx compute, predict(outcome(1))"
command, for example, I get only the marginal effects and means of the
variables at which the marginal effects are evaluated and a note that
"the second derivatives can not be computed". I also try to get the
marginal effects using "dmlogit2" command. The marginal effect values
using either command are the same for most of the variables and are
different for some variables. Also, the t-ratios are 0 (zero) for all
the marginal effects calculated using "dmlogit2" command. I do not get
the t-ratios at all when I used "mfx compute" command. I do not expect
0 t-raios for the marginal effects. 

If onyone can help me, please send messages.

Thank you in advance
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