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Re: st: command option in ado programming

From   Eddy <>
Subject   Re: st: command option in ado programming
Date   Mon, 17 Nov 2003 18:51:59 -0800 (PST)

I asked how to make the following three permissible:

>>  (1) mymodel y x1 x2, translog
>>  (2) mymodel y x1 x2, translog()
>>  (3) mymodel y x1 x2, translog(homogeneous)

Blasnik and Winter kindly replied with the same solution:

> syntax  [, TRanslog1 TRanslog2(string)]

Thanks to both of them! This surely solves my problem at hand, but it
also reminds me of an old problem I have encountered and not solved.

The problem was/is, I wish to have an option like -sigma2(z)-, and I
want users to specify exactly -sigma2(z)-, not -sigma(z)- or
something else; that is, the "2" is important. [This is because the
option parameterizes sigma^2 (the variance), which should be
carefully distinguished from sigma (the standard deviation).] I tried
something like

  syntax varlist, SIGMA2(string)

, but it seems that the "2" is not binding, so that if users
specify -sigma(z)-, Stata does not complain and treats it as if the
user specifies -sigma2(z)-, which is a result I want to avoid. That
is, I wish Stata would complain if the user inadvertently specifies

Any suggestion? Thanks.


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