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Re: thoughts on manuals [Was st: -margin-, -mfx compute- and -manuals-]

From   "Clive Nicholas" <>
Subject   Re: thoughts on manuals [Was st: -margin-, -mfx compute- and -manuals-]
Date   Mon, 17 Nov 2003 03:12:00 -0000 (GMT)


I'd better deal with your suggestions specifically, as they do deserve to be:


> 1. When I bought Stata, I said to my self, "manuals? I can do without;
> I'll
> use the help"
> 2. When I wrote my email on this topic, I wrote "manuals? I would
> seriously
> consider buying them if they were cheaper"
> 3. Today I write "it would be really expensive, but if I could not borrow
> them, I would buy them".

'Amen' to all that!!

> Now some practical advice to Clive on how to (try to) borrow the manuals
> and
> live a happy Stata life:
> 1. Propose to your library to buy them (it works)

Possible, and worth doing. However, one has to be realistic. The library
aren't going to buy books just because *I* want them!! *lol*

> 2. Propose to your department (chair, director of graduate studies...)
to > buy them (it works too)

No chance! My department has next to no interest in anything quantative,
and hasn't had for a long time. They're a firmly non-quantative
department. Moreover, they have very few resources to purchase such stuff
even if they wanted to. That's precisely *why* I made the decision to get
Stata for myself!

> 3. Propose to your supervisor to buy them

Tee-hee! Yeah, good one! He'd think I was on stage if he heard me say
that! He's in the same department, so as (2).

> 4. Some universities have mini-research grants for purposes such as this
> one.

Not here they don't! I'd know by now if they did.

> 5. Be brass and ask to other departments whether they have them (some
> epidemiological, public health, political science depts have them)

Our Business School - a separate school to ours, of course - has
individuals with Stata capabilities (one of whom has given inter-faculty
courses on Stata which stopped just as I came up!), so there are
possibilities there. But only possibilities, since the Schools have
extremely strong habits of not talking to each other (and I know whereof I
speak! ;-))

Still, you've provided lots of food for thought, which is worth eating!
Thanks! :-)


> Ciao
> Renzo
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> /* From   "Clive Nicholas" <> */
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> Subject   st: -margin-, -mfx compute- and -manuals-
> Date   Sat, 15 Nov 2003 11:47:50 -0000 (GMT)
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> [...]
> By the way, unlike most Statapeeps on this list, I don't consider myself
> loaded enough to afford all of the Stata manuals. I find it hard to
> understand why people make this assumption. There are no books *at all* on
> Stata available at my (rather large) university library, not least
> because, quite wrongly in my view, Stata isn't on our university machines
> here. I'll let you all into a dirty secret I have:
> **I'm a student!**
> I know. Incredible, isn't it?! Yes, I'd *love* to own the whole kit and
> caboodle, but I had to make choices as to which I could purchase, since I
> needed to purchase Stata 8 and Stat/Transfer 7. I chose to buy [U]. I'm
> thinking of getting [XT] soon. But [R]? No way, not at that price. Love
> to, but you know, finances and all that... ;-)
> C.
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