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st: -twoway- inconsistency

From   Lee Sieswerda <>
To   "Statalist (" <>
Subject   st: -twoway- inconsistency
Date   Thu, 13 Nov 2003 14:13:48 -0500

Hi all:
I'm not sure if this meets the definition of a bug, but it is an

If I type the following:
collapse (mean) price, by(rep78)
twoway (scatter price rep78, mlabel(price))
I get a graph with five labeled points, just as expected.

If I change this syntax from a scatter plot to a bar plot:
 twoway (bar price rep78, mlabel(price))
I would expect either:
(1) To get a bar plot with five labeled bars, or
(2) An error message telling me that the -mlabel- option is not acceptable

While I would much prefer to get (1), I think (2) is the only other
reasonable alternative, since mlabel is not a supported option for -twoway,
bar-. Unfortunately, I get neither. I get a bar plot with no bar labels and
no error message. Do others find the same thing? And, if so, is there a
reason for this seeming inconsistency?

(And yes, I know there is a workaround overlaying the barplot with a scatter
plot showing only the labels.)


Lee Sieswerda, Epidemiologist
Thunder Bay District Health Unit

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