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Re: st: -help- vs. -whelp-

Subject   Re: st: -help- vs. -whelp-
Date   Tue, 11 Nov 2003 10:45:57 -0600

Friedrich Huebler <> asks:

> The help file for some commands can only be displayed with -help-.
> For example, -whelp ado- and -whelp update- don't display the help
> file but execute -ado- and -update- in the Stata Viewer. Stata has
> behaved this way since the release of version 8.0.

-whelp- is just a convenience command that pulls up the Viewer
and then executes (in the Viewer) whatever was specified after
-whelp-.  The Viewer allows a handful of commands (see -help
viewer- and -help view- for details).  By default, the Viewer
command -help- is assumed.  That means that for most cases you
can say

    . whelp whatever

where "whatever" is replaced by a command name, and the Viewer
will show the help for "whatever".  It is as if you said

    . whelp help whatever


    . view help whatever

For the handful of commands that are Viewer commands, such as
-ado-, you need to say something like

    . whelp help ado

so that it does not think you are requesting the -ado- Viewer
command, but instead the help for for -ado-.

Ken Higbee
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