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Re: st: Re: downloading without internet access

From   Ramani Gunatilaka <>
Subject   Re: st: Re: downloading without internet access
Date   Tue, 11 Nov 2003 12:05:55 +0000

Thanks so much for the feedback, Kit.
Perhaps if I give a few more details about my particular circumstances it may be useful for others experiencing similar difficulties and looking for solutions. 
1) I'm using WindowsXP and can directly access internet from this computer. So e-mail, internet access with Windows Explorer is just a click away.
2) I can access internet from within Stata only when the URL is clearly stated, i.e. the http://www. link shows up in the online help.
3) But I cannot access internet for anything else. For example, findit returns r(2) even though I've increased the timeout to 500! Same result with the ssc install command. Same with update. 
The reason could be that this computer was once configured for the main university network but is now connected to the university halls of residence network. 
4) I thought of trying the method I wrote in with earlier after reading the user support page on updating Stata without direct internet access from within Stata -
I update Stata periodically (I am now on the 31 October version) by following these instructions.
5) Since applying the same logic to ado files, I've downloaded three ado files and their help files from your site. 
Wrt ado files, since they get saved in the c:/ado/plus subdirectory as txt files, I rename them by simply deleting the txt suffix and retaining the ado suffix so it is, say, makematrix.ado.
6) The ado files downloaded in this manner (e.g. make matrix and outreg) worked. As for the help files, I noticed that the help files of the newer ado files, e.g. makematrix.ado, display well when -help makematrix- is typed. However, the formatting of the older outreg help file disappeared and the text just wrapped around without pause.
Thanks once again for your advice,

Christopher F Baum <> wrote:
> On Nov 11, 2003, at 2:33 AM, Ramani wrote:
> > This is not a query but an unsolicited solution.
> > I've had to work out how to download ado files without direct access 
> > to the internet from within Stata.
> > This is how you do it for Stata 8 using internet explorer as your 
> > browser.
> > 1) If you've never downloaded files like this before create a 
> > subdirectory on your c drive named c:/ado/plus
> > 2) Go to (Boston College Department 
> > of Economics) using internet explorer.
> > 3) Go to ado file you want to download, right click.
> > 4) When menu appears, click 'save target as' and navigate to 
> > c:/ado/plus, click save.
> > 5) Do the same with the help file.
> > 6) To access the help, just type -help adofilename- in command window.
> > *
> I presume you're using some flavor of Windows, as you mention "C 
> drives" and "Right clicks". Please note that many Windows users have 
> encountered insuperable difficulties with .HLP files downloaded in this
> manner, given Windows' propensity to treat .HLP files as its own. I do 
> not know what to recommend to Windows users (well, actually, I do, but 
> many do not care for the advice), but in my experience of dealing with 
> frustrated users of the SSC archive, I would strongly recommend finding
> one machine with internet access (the one from which you can send 
> email, e.g.!) and installing (even if temporarily) Stata on that 
> machine. (Even an old version 7 for which you have the license or -- 
> with archutil -- version 6 would do). Then you may use commands within 
> Stata to download the materials and place them in the correct 
> directories, without Windows managing to mess up the files. Those /ado 
> directories may then be copied wholesale to any number of off-line 
> machines.
> Nick Cox mentioned that SSC is not the only source of materials. 
> Indeed, there are more serious problems with offline machines--updating
> the executable and ado-files for bugs and enhancements, as well as 
> accessing new material from Stata Journal (via Stata's website) and 
> contents of the STB, as well as other user-maintained sites. Although 
> in some cases machines are offline due to security issues, it is 
> crucial that they be kept up to date; otherwise you will be bitten by 
> bugs that have been fixed in an up-to-date Stata, and will not have 
> access to many new features.
> Kit Baum
> maintainer SSC archive
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