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Re: st: graph doesn't work

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   Re: st: graph doesn't work
Date   Tue, 11 Nov 2003 10:18:58 -0000

Leon Battista wrote, apart from MIME/HTML,

> None of my graph commands seem to work.
> All of them result in the same error message:
> twoway line pas edadr
> invalid line in scheme ,
> *!  version 1.0.7   23oct2003
> r(9999);
> graph (scatter pad edadr)
> invalid line in scheme ,
> *!  version 1.0.7   23oct2003
> r(9999);
> Just in case this has something to do with it, Iím using Stata 8.0,
> updated to October 31st, 2003.
> Any suggestions about what may be wrong?

error 9999 is a pretty heavy error number.

My guess is that you updated your ado files but that the executable
much earlier: you say that it is 8.0. I don't think that's going to
work. The latest graphics ados files need to talk to the latest

You have three choices as I see it.

1. Update executable as well as ados. -update query-
will show any mismatch. Under some set-ups you
may need to call a systems person in to update the

2. If that's not possible, reinstall Stata 8.0
from the original disks.

3. Contact tech-support at Stata.


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