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RE: st: body mass index

From   "Rogge, Mary M" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: body mass index
Date   Wed, 5 Nov 2003 20:47:04 -0500

 WOW!  This is it!  I got it installed and it not only gives me the z scores for bmi by age and sex, but categorizes the bmi as normal weight, overweight, and obese based on CDC reference ranges and international cut points. Exactly what I was hunting!  You guys are great, and I really appreciate your help!

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	From: on behalf of Nick Cox 
	Sent: Wed 11/5/2003 12:24 PM 
	Subject: RE: st: body mass index

	To follow up on Michael's suggestion to follow up on 
	my suggestion to follow up on the Melbourne group 
	work, it is easiest to access these files 
	in Stata. Type 

	. net from 

	and follow instructions. 


	Michael Blasnik 
	> I think you ought to have followed up on Nick Cox's 
	> reference to the the UK 
	> Stata Users group meeting.  I think your problem may be 
	> directly solved if 
	> you look at zanthro package on the web site: 
	> The site includes ado files and associated lookup datasets 
	> to get z stats 
	> (and therefore percentiles) for various anthropometric 
	> measures, including 
	> bmi, by age and gender.  I think it's all implemented 
	> through egen commands. 

	*   For searches and help try: 


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