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st: Re: Stata do-file Editor

From   [email protected] (Alan Riley)
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Re: Stata do-file Editor
Date   Thu, 30 Oct 2003 10:38:20 -0600

A few users have commented on a change in the behavior of the Do-file
Editor under Windows.

The Do-file Editor is based on a Windows rich text field.  By default,
rich text fields allow 'rich text' (text with different formatting
attributes such as various fonts and colors) to be pasted into them.

We had several complaints from users who copied rich text from another
application into Stata's Do-file Editor and were surprised when the
formatting of that text was maintained when it was pasted.

To force the text to be the same font and color used in the Do-file
Editor, we changed a little bit of the code in the editor for the
28 Oct 2003 update.  After a user pastes text into the editor, all
of the text in the editor is quickly selected, set to the proper font
and color, and then the cursor is set back to the position it should
have been at after the paste.

It appears that even after setting the cursor back to the current position,
Windows is leaving the editor scrolled all the way to the top.  We will
fix this in the next update.

In the meantime, however, it is very easy to work around this.  After
pasting text, merely tap the right or left arrow key and the editor will
jump back to the insertion point of the text.

([email protected])
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