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Re: st: Stata do-file Editor

From   Thomas Gschwend <[email protected]>
To   [email protected], Statalist <[email protected]>
Subject   Re: st: Stata do-file Editor
Date   Wed, 29 Oct 2003 13:28:29 +0100

I previously wrote:

I am working with StataSE 8.2 (Windows), just updated today.

Ctrl+V or equally clicking on the symbol "paste" in the do-file editor does
in fact work as expected with the minor and very annoying feature that you
do not get back to the location in the do-file where the cursor currently
is but automatically to the very beginning of the do-file. Thus you have
always to manually scroll all the way down to the place where the cursor is.

Is somebody able to replicate this behavior? If yes, can this behavior be
and Joseph Coveney replied:

I didn't replicate this problem when I pasted from Notepad (for example)
into Stata's do-file editor.  The cursor was left at the end of the pasted

I'm using Stata SE (for Windows), Release 8.2, born 28 Oct 2003; ado's
updated to 28 Oct 2003, as well.
Thanks to Joseph for his quick response. Nevertheless I would like to clarify the behavior I observed since it is not totally clear that Joseph's replication is valid (from what he wrote):

If something is pasted at the end of a long do-file you expect to immediately see what you have done, right? This is not what happens in my case, though. Although, the cursor was left at the end of the pasted text, as Joseph notes, the do-file gets automatically scrolled-up to the very beginning of the file such that I have to manually scroll down in order to verify what I just have pasted into this do-file. This behavior can only occur if the do-file is long enough such that you have to scroll up (and down) in order to see the beginning (and the end) of the do-file. I am not sure if this is the case in Joseph's replication.

Meanwhile I did more diagnostics:
I reinstalled a back-up version of Stata SE, 8.1, and the problem disappears. After typing -update all- and consequently updating to Stata SE, 8.2 the strange "paste" behavior is present again - even if I pasted something from Notepad into Stata's do-file editor. Since everything else is held constant this implies that there is some unwanted interaction here when using the StataSE 8.2 update as of today.

I can see at least two possibilities to resolve this puzzle:

(1) Joseph's do-file is not large enough to observe this strange behavior, i.e., he has not to scroll up/down to see the beginning/end of this do file in his example.

(2) If (1) is wrong, then maybe there is an unwanted interaction with the windows version I use (Windows 2000, German version, service pack 4) since this is likely to be different from the Windows version Joseph is using.

Any further ideas?

Thomas Gschwend, PhD
Mannheimer Zentrum fuer Europaeische Sozialforschung (MZES)
University of Mannheim
68131 Mannheim
0621.181.2809 (voice)
0621.181.2845 (fax)
[email protected]

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