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st: How to rename these variables?

From   [email protected]
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: How to rename these variables?
Date   Sat, 18 Oct 2003 14:47:16 -0400

Dear all,

I have a set of variables that I want to rename.

I want to transform these v1_1 v2_1 v1_2 v2_2 etc..
to v1_01 v2_01 v1_02 v2_02 etc...

I try the lenght, index, and substr functions. But I do not know
how to concatenate the results.

gen l = length("v_01")
sum l
gen p = index("v0_1","_")
sum p
if ( l - p == 1 ) { di "Difference is 1" }
gen str4 vr = substr("v0_1",1,3)
tab vr
gen str1 vl = substr("v0_1",1,l)
tab vl
replace vl = substr("v0_1",l,1)
tab vl

Is there any way to do this? Stata7 seems not to understand the concat()


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