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st: Pause an active task and restart it

From   Jean-Fran�ois Godin<[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: Pause an active task and restart it
Date   Wed, 15 Oct 2003 12:41:58 -0400

Hi everyone,

I have a large dataset (over 200,000 observations) and I�m using a random
effects model with the command GLLAMM. Has you know GLLAMM is a special
subroutine ado-file which can take a very long time to estimate a random
effects model (in my case with adaptive quadrature estimation).

Running this kind of task on a personal computer is out of question (I need
my computer). So I run my tasks on a UNIX server. Even if the UNIX server is
3 times slower (32 processors of 300 MHz) than a personal computer, it is
the better option that I have. But the UNIX server has sometimes to be stop
and I need this task to be ran for more than a month! Does STATA8 provide a
command to stop in the middle of a computing task  to be restarted later
(example, two days later)?

I�ve checked a few commands but didn�t find anyone. Is there a command or
syntax that would allow me to stop the task after a few iterations, save the
information and restart it after a few days without loosing all the
�calculation� done before by STATA8?

STATA for UNIX allows you to submit multiple tasks, but use only one
processor for one task. Will it be possible, in a next version of STATA, to
use multiprocessor for only one task, This would largely decrease the time
needed for calculating quadrature's estimate. Mac and Dell offer
multiprocessors desktop!

Will the next version of STATA will be optimize for 64-bytes processors?


Jf Godin 
Candidate Ph. D. Applied Human Science

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