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st: AW: ologit

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Subject   st: AW: ologit
Date   Mon, 13 Oct 2003 02:35:39 -0400

hm, I don't think ordered regression has a reference group, it just gives
you one b which estimates the effect of X over all the outcomes, assuming
proportional odds. There is a reference group in multinomial logit (mlogit)
which does not assume an ordering (e.g., professions as outcome categories).
You can change the reference group in multinomial regression using the
"basecategory(whatever)" option.


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Betreff: st: ologit

Hi list member,
I�m using the ologit model that has three categories.
The output I get refers to the last group (group that
takes the value of 3) and gives result accordinly.
My question is, how would I specify that the output
should take group 1 or group 2 as the reference group?

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